SLT Industrial Components has a wide range of products for our customers. Most customers require comprehensive documentation regarding traceability and quality control. We, as a subcontractor, take into consideration these requests and make necessary adjustments to conform to their requirements. We work with the following materials: polymers, rubber, metal and electrical components. Our processes include assembling custom-made machines and fixtures, injection moulding of rubber and processes connected with sheet metal products.

Suitable products

If you have products that meet one of the below requirements then we have the possibility to reduce your cost.

    • Products requiring an expensive automation process.
    • Products with uncertain volumes.
    • Products requiring a lot of manual work.
    • Seasonal products.
    • Products demanding big manufacturing capacities and therefore hindering production of other products.
    • Products, when their manufacturing is being terminated gradually.

Customer benefits

Lower cost

Out customers often reduce their cost more than 40% by choosing us as their subcontractor.

Fixed cost becomes variable

In case of transfer of manufacturing to SLT-IC, the fixed cost becomes variable therefore flexibility of our customers increases.

Production fluctuations

With 150 employees in Lithuania we can handle production fluctuations: both increase and reduction of production. This is more difficult if you have a small in-house manufacturing unit.

Short lead times

We collect and deliver the products to a customer by our own transport. The period from collection of raw material to final delivery of product usually takes two weeks. If necessary, we make an express delivery. Compare this with 8 weeks delivery from Asia.