SLT-IC has two decades worth of experience assembling medical devices. Requirements between industrial and medical customers vary substantially and that is why we have our medical production in a separate division.  We are certified according to ISO13485 since 2014.


  • Assembling of medical device in a cleanroom environment. We do both manual and semi-automatic assembling. 
  • SLT-IC can with partners develop the assembling equipment that is needed.  This will benefit the customer by lowering the risk of investment. It also frees up time for our customers inhouse production technicians which are often a bottleneck resource. 
  • SLT-IC can validate production process and equipment.
  • SLT-IC offers project management and work according to project routines which ensure that the project is delivered in accordance to customer demands and the agreed timeline. 
  • SLT-IC is flexible and responsive to the customers’ wishes and is well-equipped to solve any problems that arise during the project’s implementation. 


If you are looking for the products below, we can provide an attractive quote:

  • Products which require high amounts of manual labor.
  • Products which are expensive to make in an automatic cell. A semi-automatic solution     we provide will significantly reduce cost. 
  • Products with varying annual volume where the profitability of automation is unclear. 
  • Products with season variations. 
  • Products which take up a lot of space during production and may obstruct other projects and by extension hinder the growth of the company.